Martina & her dog Conin
Martina & her dog Conin
House of Paws offers Private lessons and potty training.

Private Lesson Pricing: $75.00 per hour at your location.
this price is listed with in a 30 mile distance for driving one way.
the price goes up $5.00 per 10 miles.

Puppy potty training $500.00 for 7 days of training. Also includes 6 basic obedience commands.

Retriever training falls in the same as private lesson. $75.00 per hour.

House manners also falls in with private lesson. $75.00 per hour.

Basic Agility training is $110.00 for three classes one hour each. Not avalable as of 6-1-2014

Competition works like a private lesson. $75.00 per hour.


House of Paws is no longer holding group classes.
We only offer private lessons or Potty training.

There are many levels of canine training. And everyone trains differantly but we all are working for the same result. Some train more extreme than others and some less. I am a treat & verbal motavated trainer. I do not offer clicker training for many reasons.
I can offer advice on what type of dog is best for your lifestyle and help you get this puppy settled in your home with training advice.
I can also offer great tips for veteranary needs. ( nessasary vaccinations and diet & grooming hints).
If there are any questions on any issue of your canine please email me or send a request of contact. I would be happy to help. You can also find me on Facebook Cindy Buckman.
The following training levels are listed below if you are working your dog and need help feel free to call me and I will help all I can. And if I can't help I can recommend someone who can.
Anyone wanting compatition training needs to have there dog in classes from day one. I do not have a training building anymore.
I am strickly a private trainer who is able to help you get a good start on a life long love with your dog.

Training Levels
Puppy potty training (House breaking)
Basic home manners (respecting your home)
Hunting retrieve.
Obedience training: Puppy - Basic - Sub Novice - Novice


Bean is one of my Pomeranians and she trained well.
Competed and won herself a CD.
She was fun to work with and she showed lots of enthusiasm.
Small dogs are more difficult to train in my  opinion but her
devotion was so strong it made it easier to work will her.
When training small dogs I recommend having lots of patience and be sweet with all commands.
Ruger's Herding Test
Ruger's Herding Test
    Renee & Jake   Enjoying Halloween together.
Renee & Jake Enjoying Halloween together.
House of Paws is able to help with problem dogs such as aggressive problems, and separation anxiety. Also able to help with simple basic home manner problems, such as: Sit,Down,Come,Stay,Heel,Hand Signals.
For private lessons email Cindy at
Baby Dane
Baby Dane