Here are some of our Friends
we have had for many 
years and  lost.
We will miss them.
Bless & keep them.
I have lost my Best Friend Ruger and it is heart shattering. I don't want to share my feeling about this loss it hurts to much. 

It is with heavy heart to say that we have lost sweet sweet Ruby. Not sure what happened but she was 6 years old and she was diagnosed with cancer. Martina you are in my thoughts and prayers. Ruby you will be missed. Bless you sweet baby.
I am sad to say that we have lost another sweet client (Daisy)
she was a member or our
boarding family. Daisy was a 6 year old Golden Retriever
with a heart of gold.
She loved to play and make new friends she had been
part of our family
for four years and we lost her while she was in our care during
spring break. The vet said it could have been a blood clot or
heart attack or even a strock because she was young
and healthy and with no health problems to speak of
there not much more that it could have been.
From when I noticed something wrong and got her to the vet
it had been close to 35 to 40 min's that she had passed away.
It was very early in the morning and when she had no desire
to go out for morning potty I new something was wrong.
It has broken my heart to loose this sweet baby and for the
heart ache that her family had to endure has just been very hard
for all of us to handle.
She will be missed & thought of everyday.
We love you Daisy. You rest in peace. God love you.

We had to say goodbye to Mathie today 6/5/2014
You will be so dearly missed. I love you
God Bless you & keep you
You will be in my thought's daily.
Goodbye my friend
Losing you Bean has brought me to my knees.
Spending time with you was like eating ice cream
on a hot summer day. I will miss you so much.
God Bless you & keep you.

Journey was an amazing dog and I will miss her everyday.

There are a lot of people who will miss her she was a big part of there lives
and made alot of people smile.
She was a wonderful friend and a wonderful part of my family.
She will be thought of everyday and needed every minute.
I Love You Journey.
My sweet sweet Dana your beauty was jaw dropping.
Your spirit was exploding.
I will miss you & think of you always
You will aways be in my heart.
Love you baby.
God Bless & keep you.
Tiny Della you struggled for so long.
With your heart so big and your body so small.
I will miss you so much and think of you each night
as I close my eyes. I Love you baby. God Bless you.
Charm you cae to stay with me late in life.
But still had so much sprit & glee.
I hope I made you life as happy as you
made mine. I will think of you often.
Bless you love you keep you.
      Ben we miss you so much.
You were a wonderful friend and companion.
I will think of you everyday. Thank you for wanting
to be with me & the babies. Bless you & keep you.
Please remember me.
Your in my thoughts and
heart forever. Losing you
has turned my world upside
down. You will never know
how much you are missed.
God Bless you and keep you.
We are so sad to say we lost our sweet Charlie.
We will miss her so much she was our little  clown.
She would make you smile and laugh everyday.
We love you Charlie. You will be in my heart forever.
Wow what a sad week. We have lost another sweet baby
that has been boarding with us for over a year. 
He too will be dearly missed.
Both were sweet boys.
(Rosco) Gray hound.
Well I am sad to say we have lost one of my oldest boarders.
It has broken my heart and he will be dearly missed.
(Mac Robinson) 11 yrs old Cairn Terrier.

We have had to say good bye to another sweet dog that boarded
with us for many years. "Doc" was a Choc Lab 16.5 years old
 with the best obedience behavor
and good hunting skills. He will be greatly missed.
Thank you for sharing him with us all these years.

My sweet little Tommy has left us today.
God Bless him and keep him.
Tommy lived a long happy life.
A great little friend and good boy.
We will miss you so much.
I Love you my little Hot Toddy.
Sweet Sweet Conan.
We will miss you so much. Conan crossed the Rainbow Bridge
on 2/17/2011
We appreciate everything you
gave us. Your wonderful heart
and goofy play, and warm spirit.
You made us all laugh when you played
and you made us all WOW to watch you work in the ring.
You where a wonderful friend and magnificent K9.
May God Bless you and Keep you safe.
We love you.
Your friends,
House of Paws.
We lost our sweet little Lady Bug this last fall
and we have missed her so much.
"Lady Bug" was a Shelti 10yrs old.
She was a wonderful dog with lots of love in her heart.
She will alway be in my heart.
God bless & keep.
Has been a friend of House of Paws for many years.
As you can tell he is beautiful and
has great obedience skills.
A wonderful Friend.
Farewell my friend we will miss you.
May the lord bless you and keep you.
Sally is resting up for her next adventure,
Sally is resting up for her next adventure,
we lost Sally and to a sad and
confusing accident with a car.
We will miss her very much.
Lord Bless her and keep her.
Chara was a wonderful dog she will be missed.
She lived a long healthy life.
May the Lord Bless her and keep her.
My sweet Frankie has gone
to play in the Rainbow.
Bless him & keep him.
We will miss you baby.
I Love you sweet boy.
We lost our Zoom in 2007
He will be Dearly missed
He had a bad day.
Bless him & keep him.