Pet of the month this March 2016 is                   'SAMMI'
Pet of the month this March 2016 is "SAMMI"
I have started a pet of the month to show our appreciation for these pets an honor them for there sweet & loving behavor .


Pet of the month of June is "Bama Hightower"
she has been part of HOP for 7 yrs and we
have loved having her joy in our life.
Pet of the month of May is "Willow Wessel".
She is a lovley little girl
She is sweet and fun to play with.
She has been coming to HOP for
5 yrs.
Pet of the month of April is Nicki Yokley.
She is a sweet little girl that has
been coming to HOP for 6 yrs.
     Karen Davis            &          Dixie
Karen Davis & Dixie

       "Student of the year"
           KAREN DAVIS
WOW! What a year, this student has never missed a day for class and she in enrolled in five different classes and has completed all classes
and graduated.
She should be very proud of Dixie. Amazing DOG.
Karen & Dixie have earned 
Obedience four levels
Rally two levels
Flyball two levels
Agility three levels
Freestyle two levels
Completed Therapy class & is a thriving therapy dog.
Good Job Karen you are a wonderful handler and your involvement in House of Paws has been a sheer delight. Thank you for sharing your training with us.

    Jamie & Taka & Emma
Jamie & Taka & Emma
        Student of the year
        Jamie Ward 
        both of her
      German Shepherds
         Emma & Taka

Jamie did a great job with her dogs and also received her Rally Title's.
She & Taka are working with Therapy group
Love on a Leash.
And she was doing great in instructing puppy classes.
Jamie started a read therapy program with Taka
and it has been very helpful for children & reading.
        Way to go!!!
Sheila & Sophie
Sheila & Sophie
          Student of the Year
                 Sheila Wilbanks

Sheila has done an amazing job this year.
She not only carried Sophie through every class we had available except Flyball but she also went on to be a Leader in Therapy Training and now is our spokesperson and leader for
                      "Love on a Leash"
She also has her T/O for Therapy Dogs Inc., she is a CGC evaluator, and became a wonderful Instructor.