Mathie has been part of House of paws since the opening of our doors in 2001.
Her owner is a very dear friend to me and I will forever be grateful to Mrs Smith for all of her wonderful words to help my business take off and continue all these years.
I would love to share this story with you because if it where not for Mrs. Smith & Mathie
House of paws would not exist.
I was an obedience trainer and worked at a local K9 training school in Huntsville in 1998 & 1999 and Mrs Smith brought her little Scottie puppy (Mathie) to my puppy class.
Mathie was fourteen weeks old when she started her training and was very good at her training. When Mrs Smith finished her six week course she came to me and asked me could I babysit Mathie when she went out of town. I told her that I was sorry but it would be wrong to collect money outside of the training school so I could not help her with babysitting. She continued to convince me into helping her with Mathie and gave me a idea to start my own training school and boarding place. I told her I didn't have a clue where to start. She said you can do this Cindy and I will get you clients. In other words ( build it and they will come) well Mrs. Smith talked alot to her friends and her church and anyone she ran across and before you know it I was well on my way of having a boarding/training/grooming business. So Thank You Mrs. Smith & Mathie because if it was not for you House of paws would not be here.
From all her talking the word spread and her friends told their friends and so on. And today I have hundreds of routine clients. And Mathie, well she is now fourteen years old and so dear to my heart. So thank you to you Mathie for being such a good girl for your mom all these years. Mathie you will be dearly missed and we love you. God bless you and keep you. You will be in my thoughts everyday. Goodbye my friend.

Mathie at 1 year old at House of Paws Open house party.